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Lonely Travellers – A travel book with 30 photographs!


“If you leave thinking of your return, you’re making a mistake. That’s not what travelling is for. Travelling is listening to the world. The world of the smallest things, first of all, and then of bigger ones. And listening isn’t simple, listening excludes the voice telling you what you what you wish to hear. And after you have listened, if you have listened truly, and you didn’t just repeat with your own voice in your ears what you already know, then you can’t return to the same starting point.”

Cristiano Denanni, photographer and writer, takes us on a journey in Spain, in the region of the Mancha, on the tracks of the “Knight by the Sad Countenance”, Quixote. His tale will tell us about this particular journey, but also about the epic quests of other famous explorers… and the meaning of travel.

EPUB Version | Italian version here!


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